School or Academy Services

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 applies to all school buildings constructed before 1999.

As the dutyholder you have specific responsibilities for managing your asbestos containing materials or risk prosecution by the HSE.

The following three documents are crucial for attaining successful and safe management of asbestos in your school.

They must each be up-to-date, operational and their existence communicated to all staff.

Asbestos ‘Management’ Survey Report

Asbestos Register

Asbestos Management Plan

Asbestos UK Surveys specialise in providing asbestos management solutions for schools. With over 25 years’ experience we thoroughly understand this most challenging environment and have designed a bespoke system of management to take into account that schools are occupied by one of the most vulnerable groups of people.

Children are known to be more susceptible to contracting asbestos related diseases and this must be a consideration in assessing the risk of asbestos containing materials. We have specifically adapted the HSE priority risk assessment algorithm to take this into account.

Its important to remember that asbestos containing materials in good condition are of little or no risk to our health. Asbestos only becomes a risk if it is accidentally damaged or it is not maintained. Asbestos UK Surveys have spent years developing an asbestos management system specifically for schools which enables you to successfully manage your asbestos and comply with the law.


Asbestos UK Surveys 12 steps to successfully managing asbestos

  • Identify where asbestos containing materials are located and what condition they are in by carrying out an asbestos ‘management survey’.

  • Provide the results in an easy to read format to anyone carrying out maintenance work or cleaning by compiling an ‘asbestos register’.

  • Control access to and work carried out on your buildings by operating a ‘permit-to-work’ system.

  • Ensure your maintenance staff, IT staff and external contractors undergo ‘asbestos awareness training’.

  • Carry out a ‘priority risk assessment’ to enable you to directly compare different asbestos containing materials.

  • Prepare a written ‘management plan’ describing who is responsible for what, your procedures for the day-to-day and project management of asbestos containing materials, your ‘action plan’ with timescales, your emergency procedures and your methods of recording training and asbestos incidents.

  • Carry out regular ‘re-inspections’ of your asbestos containing materials to monitor their condition.

  • Update the asbestos register and management plan following a re-inspection, repair or removal.

  • Review your procedures following an incident, staff or legislation change.

  • Plan works that will involve replacement, refurbishment or disturbance to the structure of the building and carry out a ‘refurbishment and demolition’ survey.

  • Remove asbestos containing materials that have been identified by the ‘refurbishment and demolition survey or the priority risk assessment as medium to high risk.

  • Communicate openly with staff and allocate adequate resources for the management of asbestos.


If all this seems a little overwhelming we have tried and tested solutions ready to go.


Asbestos UK Surveys system of management for schools

Asbestos management surveys carried out by experienced, qualified, enhanced CRB checked and insured staff using a combination of visual inspection and sampling. The report contains detailed building descriptions, areas inspected, photographs, bulk analysis certificates, sample locations and full recommendations for managing each identified asbestos containing material.

Building Log Book containing signing-in-sheets, contractor and staff notes, permits-to-work, emergency procedures and asbestos register with coloured floor plans for easy identification.

Asbestos Register containing a summary of information directly relevant to anyone carrying out work on the premises. Designed to be instantly recognisable for the location of each identified asbestos containing material detailing risk, who is allowed to disturb it, whether the material is licensed and notifiable to the HSE, when it is due for re-inspection with blank areas for recording any work which has taken place in between annual re-inspections such as labelling or painting. We also include a section with photographs for all the negative and non-asbestos containing materials for reference by contractors to save them having to wade through the survey report.

Asbestos Management Plan including public policy statement, priority risk assessments with action plan, timescales and costs, detailed in-house procedures for day-to-day maintenance and project works, emergency procedures for staff, contractors and senior management, contact details for staff, asbestos removal contractors and analysts, list of other procedures which need to reference the plan - such as lettings, template for recording staff training and suspected exposure following an incident.

Safe management of asbestos in schools training for key staff lasting two hours with multiple choice exam paper and certificates of attendance delivered not by a trainer but by a surveyor with practical, hands-on experience. Topics covered include:

  • What is asbestos and how it was used
  • Types of Asbestos
  • Health Effects and diseases
  • Asbestos legislation
  • Typical locations within buildings
  • Licensed and non-licensed, notifiable and non-notifiable materials
  • Management of asbestos
  • Asbestos surveys, registers and management plans
  • Material & Priority risk assessment
  • Emergency procedures
  • Asbestos removal

This complete system has been designed by Asbestos UK Surveys and is in-use with a proven track record in many schools. We update it regularly as legislation changes and in our endeavour for continuous improvement.


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School & Academy Case Studies

Beaudesert Park School, Minchinhampton

Large independent and preparatory school with multiple residential and teaching buildings varying in age from early 19th century to 2015, client since 2004 to current day

2004 Asbestos management survey of whole school carried out during the summer holidays to minimise disruption and risk.

2006 Refurbishment and demolition survey of the science block due for refurbishment

2010 Sampling of garage roof due for removal

2012 to 2016 Asbestos re-inspection surveys and re-issue of asbestos register

2014 Asbestos awareness training for key staff

2016 Asbestos Management Plan, policies and procedures implemented

2017 Asbestos Awareness Training & Pre-demolition survey

Cabot Learning Federation, Bristol

Large Multi-Academy Trust with eight secondary and six primary academies

Annual retainer to provide asbestos management services to ensure statutory obligations are met throughout federation academies, ongoing practical advice for maintenance of asbestos, future project feasibility and SIF funding

Emergency incident support and follow-up investigation

Annual audit of asbestos policies and procedures

Monitoring and re-inspection surveys

Annual ‘Asbestos Awareness & Safe Management in Schools’ training for key staff

Refurbishment and demolition surveys

Priory Community School Academy & Priory Learning Trust

Newly formed and expanding Multi-Academy Trust, client since 2013

Annual contract to provide asbestos management services, advice and support

Annual audit of asbestos policies and procedures

Monitoring and re-inspection surveys

Annual ‘Asbestos Awareness & Safe Management in Schools’ training for key staff

Refurbishment and demolition surveys