Residential Services

The Control of Asbestos Regulations do not apply to residential houses unless they have shared common areas.

Shared common areas may include anywhere you would send someone to carry out maintenance or read the meters for example, such as the exterior of the building and interior hallway in a house which has been converted into flats or the staircase and lift in a purpose built block of flats.

As a home owner however, you still have a duty to provide any information on asbestos to anyone carrying out work in your home, so if you suspect you may have asbestos containing materials it makes sense to arrange to have them sampled before you or anyone else disturbs them. You, your builder and your family could potentially be put at risk from exposure to asbestos so it’s best to check first.

Asbestos sampling – ideal if you wish to identify a single or small number of suspect materials. Usually sampling and testing can be undertaken and the results made available in less than a week but the asbestos surveyor can usually provide you with a very good indication there and then. Based on the results and what you intend to do we will provide you with recommendations for the treatment of any asbestos containing materials or guidance for removal.

Asbestos home survey – preferable if you are thinking about buying a house or where your building survey has identified possible asbestos containing materials. Our full asbestos report will include likely costs for removal for your information. Asbestos removal can be very expensive so it is useful to understand what you may have to deal with further down the line after you have moved in.

Asbestos home refurbishment survey – usually carried out when the house or a particular area is empty and before you carry out any major works. The survey is intrusive and the surveyor may have to cause damage to find hidden asbestos but it will be limited to the areas you are carrying out the work on or the surfaces being replaced. Once again the report will include likely removal costs and guidance on who can carry that out i.e. yourself, your builder or a contractor who is licensed by the Health & Safety Executive.

Asbestos management survey – usually commissioned by the management company where you have shared common areas in a block of flats; before a sale or to satisfy the requirements of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. The survey is carried out using a combination of visual inspection and sampling or indeed just visual inspection if time is an issue. The report contains detailed building descriptions, areas inspected, photographs, bulk analysis certificates, sample locations and full recommendations for managing each identified asbestos containing material. As an appendices to the main report, you will also receive an asbestos register containing a summary of information for issue to anyone carrying out work on the premises. The register contains risk assessments, details who is allowed to disturb the material, whether the material is licensed and notifiable to the HSE and when it is due for re-inspection with blank areas for recording any work which has taken place in between annual re-inspections such as labelling or painting.


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